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Plate carriers and vests


    Chest armor for paintball - Well equipped for every game

    You want to look sleek on the field, benefit from additional protection and at the same time have all your equipment at hand? Then a breastplate for paintball is exactly what you need. It doesn't matter whether it's minimalist for maximum weight savings or a fully equipped plate carrier with numerous pockets and a Molle system - you'll find what you're looking for in the Weekend Warrior shop.

    Why are vests and breastplates worn in paintball?

    Balls, mags, smoke grenades - real weekend warriors have a lot of equipment with them on the field. Equipment that must always be at hand in the heat of the moment. Good for those who have enough storage space within reach. A paintball protective vest in the form of a chest rig or plate carrier is the ideal solution here.

    With its various fastening systems, it allows you to attach various pouches, from the magazine pouch to the pistol holster to the radio pouch. Especially in Woodland and Magfed gameplay, where realism is in the foreground, the breastplate has become indispensable in paintball. A paintball protective vest is also ideal as additional protection against hits to the upper body.

    What makes a good vest/plate carrier?

    A good paintball protective vest must be one thing above all: robust! After all, it is not only exposed to mechanical loads on the playing field, but also to the weather. If possible, the good piece should also take a few washes to remove hits of color just as easily as you do bruises.

    In addition, a good plate carrier should be adjustable to your body size with buckles or Velcro fasteners, both in the shoulder strap area and in the hip area. After all, nothing is worse than a plate carrier that is too loose. The attachment loops also have to withstand a lot.

    A Molle system sewn several times or manufactured using a laser-cut process is therefore ideal for securely attaching bags and equipment. A good paintball body armor will also give you the option of using weight plates for a more realistic feel and extra support.

    What are the differences in vests/plate carriers?

    Paintball breastplates differ mainly in their basic design. Many players rely on classic plate carriers such as the TT Plate Carrier MKIV or the Invader Gear Reaper Plate Carrier, which offer high stability and a number of attachment options for various bags. An alternative to the classic breastplate is a chest rig for paintball. This is a half vest with no back part.

    Models like the TT Small Combi Rig do without a hard plate like the plate carrier, but score with a low weight and additional freedom of movement. Here, too, you can attach additional pockets thanks to the Molle system. However, many models such as the TT Chest Rig MKII are already equipped with practical magazine pouches.

    What vests and plate carriers are suitable for beginners and advanced?

    As far as the question of the right breastplate for paintball is concerned, it is not necessary to make a strict distinction between beginners and advanced players. Basically, it's best to choose the gear that you like best and that suits your playstyle. Especially in Woodland and Magfed gameplay, it never hurts to have one or the other pocket on your paintball protective vest.

    If, on the other hand, you want to be particularly light, a chest rig is the better choice for paintball than a breastplate. As a beginner, you shouldn't make any compromises when it comes to quality either. If, in the worst case, you don't like the hobby, you can still get your paintball protective vest silver-plated at a reasonable price. Still not quite sure which paintball chest protector is right for you? Then let our experts advise you now.