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    Umarex - Sidearms and accessories for action-packed gameplay

    For a long time, the long gun in paintball was the only marker that weekend warriors used to throw themselves into the fray. However, sidearms have also been gaining in importance for some time. This is especially true in the MilSim and Woodland areas where the demand for realistic replicas is increasing. Umarex is one of the major providers of sidearms from the home defense sector, which can easily be used in paintball battles. Browse through our Umarex range now and draw from the abundance of numerous detailed models together with matching balls and accessories.

    Umarex - The specialist from Hochsauerland

    The Umarex company is known to most weekend warriors for their high-quality and detailed licensed production of airsoft markers. The company, founded in 1972, has much more to offer. In addition to signal guns, gas guns and various compressed air guns, the company based in Arnsberg in Hochsauerland also manufactures home defense products, which are becoming increasingly popular in the paintball community.

    The owner-managed company holds the trademark and license rights for products from the companies Beretta, Colt, Heckler & Koch, Glock and Smith & Wesson. What does that mean for you? You can look forward to detailed markers that are a feast for the eyes at every MilSim game day.

    Powerful Umarex sidearms for the game day

    If the magazine is empty during MagFed gameplay, gripping the sidearm is usually faster than reloading. No wonder that sidearms are becoming increasingly popular not only in airsoft, but also in paintball. But the sidearm-only gameplay is also finding more and more friends. Umarex offers a wide range of models for weekend warriors who don't want to do without sidearms.

    Starting with entry-level markers such as the Walther HDR 50 revolver with a 6-shot cylinder through to the faithful Glock 17 Gen 5. T4E pistol or the Heckler & Koch T4E SFP9, nothing is left to be desired. A special highlight in our range is the Umarex HDS68 shotgun, which brings a very special flair to the scenario gameplay with its bendable double barrel.

    Accessories and spare parts for Umarex markers

    Sidearms don't do much without the right accessories. Who wants to be satisfied with just the supplied magazine or loading strip, or just hang the device on the wall for decorative purposes? In our shop you will find a number of compatible replacement magazines so that you don't run out of balls in the heat of the moment.

    A sufficient quantity of CO2 capsules is at least as important, because all Umarex sidearms that you will find in our range are operated with 12 gram CO2 cartridges. You can get these from us either in packs of 25 or the particularly inexpensive pack of 50. Our range is rounded off by suitable quick-draw holsters such as the Umarex T4E/TPM1 paddle holster model, grip replacement parts and service kits.

    Caution: Some markers should only be used with powder balls. You can find more information about this in the product description.

    Alternative projectiles for home defense range

    All sidearm markers are from home defense. This means that you can not only aim paintballs and powerballs with it, but also ammunition intended for home defense. In this case, too, you will find what you are looking for in our shop system. This applies to practice ammunition such as rubber balls in various calibers and container sizes as well as high-precision First Strike pepper bullets.Attention: In Germany, the latter are intended exclusively for animal repellent