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    Paintball accessories: Always perfectly equipped

    Are you looking for the right equipment for the next weekend battle? In the weekend warrior shop, weekend heroes will find everything their paintball heart desires. From the jersey to the mask glass, nothing is left to be desired when it comes to paintball accessories.

    Paintball clothing for duels with style

    Just wearing old clothes is not just a visual no-go when playing paintball. You will also lose out when it comes to protection. You are doing yourself a favor with high-quality and functional protective clothing. At the heart of the equipment are hard-wearing pants that not only shed paint, but also easily withstand the strain of sliding and crawling.

    While the integrated padding in the knee area, for example, ensures sufficient comfort even during intensive matches, elastic bending zones and adjustment elements offer maximum freedom of movement with an optimal fit. The real weekend warrior outfit is rounded off by a breathable jersey - optional even with a padded collar. Whether camouflage, two-tone or colorful, that's up to you.

    Masks and mask glasses - protection meets clarity

    The mask is every paintballer's calling card. After all, it gives you enormous design options for your warrior outfit. It doesn't matter whether you fly under the radar in all black, use camouflage colors in urban combat or want to stand out with bright colors. With us you can draw on everything that well-known manufacturers such as Dye, Push Unite, Bunker Kings and Co. have to offer.

    Thanks to the combination of high-quality thermal glazing and ergonomically arranged ventilation elements, you always have a clear view - fogged up is a thing of the past. Nevertheless, it can always happen that the thermal glass is damaged. No problem, because with the right replacement lens, the mask is ready for use again in no time. Want to put on your poker face in battle? Then colored glasses are exactly what you are looking for!

    Protective equipment from gloves to breastplate

    In paintball, protection is next to fun. While tactical gloves protect sensitive hands and fingers from painful hits, neck protectors cover this sensitive area. Flexible protectors offer even more protection against hits and bumps in combat.

    Starting with knee pads, elbow and forearm pads and padded shorts with additional protection for the buttocks and hips, nothing is left to be desired. If you want to add even more protection to your paintball accessory set, you can grab the shirt with breastplate and shoulder pads.

    Paintball accessory set for your marker

    Personal equipment is one thing, marker accessories are another. In the Weekend Warrior Shop, beginners and paintball cracks can draw on unlimited resources. Whether high-cap hopper for an extra portion of paintballs directly on the marker or practical hopper accessories from the battle pack for several pots to the clever speed loader for smooth ball feeding. Our paintball accessories leave nothing to be desired. Click through and get ready for the next match!