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    GOG Paintball - Paintball Performance Made in USA

    You want to reach the next level as a weekend warrior? Looking to bring more performance to the battlefield on the field without spending a fortune? Then you've come to the right place at GOG Paintball.

    After all, the paintball veteran is not only known for its high-quality markers, but also for its huge range of parts for optimizing marker runs. Click through our GOG Paintball range now and get ready for the next game day.

    High-end marker from GOG Paintball

    Hardly any other company has shaped the international paintball sport as much as GOG Paintball. For more than two decades now, the US company based in Loyalhanna, Pennsylvania, has been committed to the development and production of high-quality equipment for paintball enthusiasts.

    First and foremost are the high-end markers, with which the traditional company has long since gained a foothold on the pitches in Europe. The product spectrum ranges from children's markers with significantly reduced pressure to real professional equipment, which is characterized by maximum performance, maximum reliability and a highly precise hit pattern.

    The GOG Shocker AMP marker is a real classic that is one of the lightest and slimmest tournament markers on the market. And best of all: You can get this classic in the Weekend Warrior Shop in several color combinations according to your taste.

    Barrels, barrel sets and barrel adapters for the highest demands

    High-quality balls without dents and burrs are only half the battle when it comes to achieving a precise shot pattern and preventing bursts. The right run is at least as important. It is precisely these factors that are decisive in competition. True to the motto of "professionals" for "professionals", GOG Paintball has had running parts in its range for many years that stand for maximum reliability and performance.

    From whole barrels to freak cases in different diameters, the GOG range has everything an ambitious weekend warrior's heart desires. Barrel and freak sleeve sets such as the GOG Boremaster Kit 8 or the GOG Freak XL Total barrel set 14 inches are particularly practical, with which you can optimally adjust your markers to any paint. The range is rounded off by practical barrel and sleeve bags for safe transport and barrel adapters.

    Carbon parts for weight enthusiasts

    Carbon parts are now de rigueur in sports where tenths of a second, maximum weight savings and maximum performance are important. Carbon parts are therefore just as common in tournament paintball as they are in cycling. With its carbon parts, GOG Paintball offers weight and performance enthusiasts the opportunity to optimize their markers to the peak of their performance.

    The big advantage? Carbon barrels, such as those found in the GOG Total Freak Carbon barrel set, weigh less than half the weight of a standard Freak barrel. Together with other lightweight components for your marker, you give yourself the decisive weight advantage over your opponents.

    Get advice on GOG Paintball's high-end parts now

    Not sure what benefits to expect from the freak sets? Would you like to know which parts are compatible with your marker or whether investing in carbon parts is worth it? Or do you have a specific question about a specific product? No problem, our paintball experts are always at your side with advice and action. Just give us a call on 04166/8993939 or send us your questions to info@weekend-warrior.shop. We're here for you!