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    Enola Gaye - Turn the fog of war to your advantage on the field

    Stapling markers, loud commands, the sound of paintballs bursting and a good dose of colorful smoke on the field - that's what really heats up the atmosphere. Especially with the latter, safety is the top priority. How good that there are real specialists for high-quality paintball smoke grenades with suppliers like Enola Gaye, who not only look good, but also meet the highest safety standards. Click through our Enola Gaye range and get ready for the next operation!

    What makes Enola Gaye smoking products so special

    Incense bodies are a dime a dozen on the internet right now. Unlike simple firework items that are admired from a safe distance, smoke grenades are at the heart of the action at paintball and airsoft matches. The demands on the smoking bodies are correspondingly high in terms of safety and handling. In this context, the Enola Gaye company has made a name for itself.

    Formerly known as an insider tip from Great Britain, the manufacturer of pyrotechnic products is now a global fixture in paintball and airsoft sports. All products are developed, tested and subjected to strict quality control by an in-house team of experts directly in the UK. All products are designed in such a way that they can be used safely on the field without much prior knowledge.

    Where there is smoke, there is not always fire

    "Where there is smoke, there is fire." This is exactly what does not apply to the paintball smoke grenades from Enola Gaye. Admittedly, smoke devices that develop open flames and high temperatures would also be far too dangerous on the field. Instead, all smoke bodies are based on Cool Burn technology. This means that the smoke is generated by a chemical reaction without an external flame.

    This minimizes the risk of injury and fire on the field. In addition, all products in our Enola Gaye range have a valid CE marking and also exceed the necessary quality control guidelines for pyrotechnic products in this class. This means that the paintball smoke grenades are not only approved for trading on the European market, but also in Canada and the USA.

    Enola Gaye paintball smoke grenades also in your color

    Whether you want to mark your position, cover the flank of the advance, mark an engagement target, or just stir up trouble in the opposing team - paintball smoke grenades are versatile. In our range you will therefore find different models such as the Enola Gaye WirePull smoke grenade with a burn time of 90 seconds in a number of colors ranging from white and black to yellow, red and blue to exotic purple.

    Alternatively, you can use the Twin Vent smoke grenade with two exit openings for a smoke screen of maximum intensity. Should it be something more tactical? Then the Enola Gaye WirePull Flash Bang 3.0 flashbang is just what you need to confuse your opponents on the field.

    Safe handling of paintball smoke grenades and stun grenades

    Even if the products are inherently safe through tests and certifications, you should follow a few rules when using them. Despite the delay igniter, which ensures an ignition delay of approx. 2 seconds, the smoke and blinding bodies should be thrown immediately after the fuse has been removed. The other weekend warriors will also thank you for an acoustic pre-warning.