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    Planet Eclipse - Paintball Passion since 1991

    In the paintball community, the name Planet Eclipse does not just stand for product variety. Each individual product, from the smallest pen to the high-end marker, is characterized by precision, durability and maximum quality. It doesn't matter whether you're a paintball newbie, an experienced weekend warrior or a paintball pro - at Planet Eclipse you'll find what you're looking for in high-quality equipment for hot battles. Browse through our PE range now and get ready for the next match!

    The Planet Eclipse Story - Once upon a time there was a small shop in Manchester

    Most stories start with "once upon a time". It's no different with the English guys from Planet Eclipse. When you started in 1991 as a small paintball store with only 3 employees in the heart of Manchester, nobody could have imagined the standing the brand would have.

    With a lot of passion and a penchant for maximum quality and reliability, the company quickly made a name for itself and brought its own marker series onto the market in 2002 with the Eblade. A few years later, the Eclipse Ego was the company's first electronic paintball marker. For over 25 years, the company with offices in Great Britain and the USA has stood for premium products in all price segments.

    Premium marker for beginners and professionals

    Whether it's a team death match with the paintball buddies at the weekend, large woodland operations or a spontaneous round - the fun of the game rises and falls with the marker. As an authority in the paintball business, Planet Eclipse therefore offers a wide range of markers for every taste, which reliably bring their balls to the target even in the hottest battle.

    Thanks to products like the Planet Eclipse ETHA2 PAL ready marker or the EMF100 EMEK MG 100 model, beginners don't have to spend a fortune on premium markers. Are you a MagFed player and looking for suitable markers? No problem - there is a large selection here too. The range is rounded off by real professional markers such as the PE EGO LV 1.6 and PE CS2 Pro models, which are valued by professional players all over the world for their performance and precision on the field.

    Where are the brand's markers made?

    Planet Eclipse paintball markers consist of a wide variety of parts from selected manufacturers. The production of the high-end markers takes place exclusively in Great Britain. Most of the markers from the midrange are also made in the UK, but also in the production sites in Taiwan, where the markers for beginners are also made. Regardless of the production location, the same extremely high standards of production, testing and final inspection are applied, regardless of the price.

    Full of spare parts, tuning parts and paintball equipment

    But Planet Eclipse offers much more than just markers. The range also includes suitable add-on, spare and tuning parts that comply with the same quality standards. Starting with ergonomic shoulder rests such as the PWR Stock shoulder rest and EMC kits for customizing your marker to high-tech barrels made of carbon fiber such as the Shaft FL barrel front aluminum 14 inch, nothing is left to be desired.

    But there is also no shortage of additional equipment such as high and low cap hoppers, magazines for MagFed players and additional equipment such as knee pads and tactical backpacks. Click through our Planet Eclipse range now and stock up on everything you need for the next game day. Questions? Then just give us a call and let our paintball experts advise you on Planet Eclipse products!