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    Airsoft guns and airsoft accessories for real weekend warriors

    Are you into tactics, action and teamwork paired with a sporting challenge in the field? Then airsoft is exactly your sport and Weekend Warrior is your airsoft shop for high-quality airsoft guns and accessories from combat shirts and tracer BBs to attachments for your marker. Click through and benefit from fair prices and competent advice!

    Airsoft - tactical outdoor sport for young and old

    Hardly any outdoor sport is as diverse and inclusive as airsoft. Where else would schoolchildren, doctors, firefighters, craftsmen, computer scientists and students rush through the grounds together to pursue their favorite hobby. Fairness, fun and team play are top priorities in tactical matches.

    When it comes to variety, there are hardly any limits for real weekend warriors. From large-scale matches with several hundred participants on former military training areas to fast laps in indoor parks specially set up for this purpose, nothing is left to be desired.

    The game is played in a wide variety of modes such as team deathmatch or capture-the-flag, which are also known from the gaming sector. This makes it particularly easy for newcomers to get started. The airsoft experience is rounded off by the social get-together after the match, which has resulted in many a friendship for life.

    What are airsoft guns?

    Airsoft guns (also: markers) are of course not real guns. They are markers that you use to shoot small plastic pellets (also: BBs). If you meet a fellow player, they are taken out of the game for a certain amount of time, depending on the match rules. The energy of the airsoft weapons is so low that no injuries can occur with the correct protective equipment.

    You can also buy the perfect protective equipment from face shields to full helmets in the Weekend Warrior Shop. To accelerate the BBs, airsoft gun and pistol manufacturers use different propulsion systems. The following should be mentioned here:

    - Spring pressure: With this drive system, a spring is tensioned by manually pulling back the slide. This enables airsoft fun in single fire. The spring-loaded mechanism is mainly used for shotguns, sniper rifles and pistols with low energy.

    - AEG / S-AEG: With AEG and S-AEG markers, an electric motor drives the pen with battery power. Assault rifles and pistols with this drive technology do not have to be reloaded by hand. In addition to the single shot, semi-automatic firing is also possible.

    - Gas / CO2: What the electric motor is for AEG, the propellant is for gas weapons. The recoil when fired will automatically load the next BB. While you fill a built-in tank in the magazine for gas weapons, you work with CO2 cartridges for CO2 airsoft weapons.

    14, 16 or 18 years - what is allowed from when?

    You don't have to be of legal age to start playing airsoft. From the age of 14 you are allowed to carry an airsoft gun on private property. However, the muzzle energy of the weapon must be less than 0.5 joules. Incidentally, this also applies to 16-year-olds.

    The 0.5 joule limit applies up to the age of 18. If you are of legal age, the whole airsoft world is open to you. In principle, airsoft guns between 0.5 and 7.5 joules fall within the range of guns that do not require a permit. However, you will find joule limits of 0.5 to 1.5 joules on most playing fields anyway.How far such a marker shoots depends on various factors

    This includes the weather conditions, the wind, the joule number, a built-in hop-up system and the weight of the BBs used. It is therefore not possible to make a general statement about the range. However, an airsoft gun from about 1 joule can reach a muzzle velocity of 1 m/s.

    The perfect accessory for your battle gear

    Airsoft guns are one thing. Without comprehensive accessories, however, the airsoft guns on the field are no more than chic decoration. With us you get everything you need to modify your airsoft gun according to your wishes and adapt it to your taste.

    How about a bipod or a front grip for more precision or a sight for more accuracy? Alternatively, you can create space for additional attachments with matching handguards. But your personal equipment is also not neglected in the Weekend Warrior Shop.

    Starting with slings for comfortably carrying the weapon, through magazine pouches to practical vests and plate carriers for the real combat look, you can draw on everything from us.