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Paintballs & Grenades


    Paintball balls and paintball grenades - everything you need on the field

    If you want to survive as a weekend warrior on the field, you not only need a reliable marker in your hand and the right tactics in your head. Without paintball balls and paintball grenades, the warrior quickly becomes a toothless tiger.

    It doesn't matter whether you're looking for classic .68 caliber paintballs, you play rubber balls or you want to equip yourself with smoke grenades for the next match. At the Weekend Warrior Shop we have exactly what you need!

    High-quality paintball balls for all occasions

    Paintball balls are the essence of the paintball sport. In addition to your aiming skills, whether you can reliably hit your competitors depends on their quality. In both Hopper and MagFed gameplay, high quality paintball balls are standard equipment. Which color you choose is entirely up to you. Click through our range and choose between different container sizes.

    It doesn't matter whether you need 500 or 2,000 paintball balls - you'll find what you're looking for with us. In addition to the popular Weekend Warrior Balls, you will also find balls specially made for the high demands of MagFed gameplay, such as the Tippmann Combat Paintballs or the balls from Dye Tactical.

    Note: Pay attention to the caliber of your paintball balls

    Paintball is not just paintball. This applies both to the decision between classic paints with liquid paint and powder balls and to their caliber. Depending on the caliber of your marker, you need different paintballs. But don't worry: In our range you will find everything from paintballs and powderballs in the classic .68 caliber to balls in .50 caliber for your paintball handgun. Important: Markers may only be played with the appropriate balls.

    First strike and powder balls - paintball balls with enormous precision

    You're more of a soft-spoken person on the field? Do you prefer to fight at long range and avoid the infight? Then high-precision First Strike Balls in .68 caliber are exactly what you are looking for. Thanks to their special shape and the grooves on the side, they are characterized by a stable trajectory and hit their target with extreme precision, even over long distances. An alternative to this are powder balls, which also show their strengths, among other things due to their higher weight, especially over long distances.

    Tip: These paintball balls are particularly well suited for the MagFed gameplay, as they hardly or not at all deform in the magazine.

    Pepper and rubber balls for your marker

    Both reballs and rubber balls are made of more or less hard rubber compounds. If you hit your target with it, they don't burst, but simply fall to the ground. After the match, you can easily pick them up, clean them and reuse them. But beware, unlike classic paintball balls, both reballs and rubber balls are not permitted on all fields. Alternatively, the rubber balls, like the pepperballs available in our shop, can be used as part of home defense in combination with markers suitable for home defense.

    Paintball grenades - there's no better atmosphere on the field

    Few things create as much atmosphere on the field as a handful of paintball grenades, which envelop the entire scene in a magical mist.Paintball grenades are not just a visual highlight that creates that special atmosphere. Paintball grenades also offer you a number of tactical options thanks to the different colored smoke.

    Paintball grenades such as the Enola Gaye Wirepull smoke grenade or the particularly productive Enola Gaye Twin Vent Burst smoke grenade burn cold and are therefore particularly safe. Our range is rounded off by paintball stun grenades such as the Enola Gaye WirePull Flash Bang 3.0, thanks to which you always have an ace up your sleeve in the heat of the moment.