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    Home Defense - More security in your own four walls

    Statistically, there is a burglary every 7 minutes in Germany. Even in the Corona year 2020, the police counted over 75,000 cases. Many burglaries even take place in the presence of the residents. If you want to be prepared for an unpleasant encounter, use home defense weapons. But private security products for self-defense from the Weekend Warrior range, such as defense spray, also promise more security when you are out and about.

    What is Home Defense?

    The term home defense includes numerous non-leathal weapons. This gives private individuals the opportunity to protect themselves and their relatives from attacks within their own four walls in uncertain times. The spectrum for private security needs ranges from a simple defense spray for the handbag to irritant pistols to RAM weapons that look deceptively real as a last resort for defense against unwanted intruders.

    RAM weapons for self defense

    RAM means "Real Action Marker". These are often realistic replicas of live firearms. Free RAM weapons are available from the age of 18 and, unlike their sharp role models, shoot rubber bullets or tear gas balls in caliber 43, 50 or 68. Whether as a revolver, pistol or long gun. There is a large selection of high-quality RAM weapons from well-known manufacturers such as Walther/Umarex or Tippmann.

    The advantage of these devices for self-defense lies in the deterrence as well as in the comparatively high man-stopping effect through kinetic energy or irritant gas. In addition to high-quality rubber balls and pepper balls, you will of course also find CO2 capsules as propellants and training balls for practice in our shop.

    Attention: Proof of age is required to purchase RAM weapons in the Weekend Warrior Shop!

    Seasoning Pepper Spray

    In most situations, a defensive spray is all you need to send an attacker fleeing. The classic here is the Home Defense Pepper Spray. Especially large cartridges with a comfortable pistol grip ensure ideal handling in an emergency and also promise a sufficient filling quantity.

    And the best: Some products like the Walther ProSecur Home Defense Pepper Spray contain nanoparticles that glow under UV light. This means that an intruder can still be identified by the police even after they have successfully escaped. Alternatively, we also have launchers for PGS cartridges.

    Ensure more security now

    Uncertain times require conscientious preparation to be on the safe side should the worst come to the worst. Whether you want to use pepper spray, a pepper launcher or a large RAM caliber - you have the choice in the Weekend Warrior Shop. We would be happy to advise you on an individual solution for your four walls. Just give us a call or email us your questions!