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    Invader Gear - Battlefield Equipment "Designed in Austria"

    You don't just want to be functional on the battlefield? You want to throw yourself into battle as a real weekend warrior with a portion of style and benefit from optimal ergonomics? Then click through our Invader Gear range now - from the magazine pouch to the Invader Gear plate carrier, nothing is left to be desired.

    Equipment from Invader Gear - everything a weekend warrior needs

    The Austrian team has been working with a lot of passion for years to develop products that meet the requirements on the battlefield. Functionality, ergonomics and robustness are not a contradiction in terms with Invader Gear - and at a decent price-performance ratio. The range of the dynamic brand is not limited to just one area, but places value on a wide range of products.

    It doesn't matter whether it's paintball or airsoft - recreational warriors can choose from clothing in a wide variety of camouflage designs, load bearings from vests to backpacks to team patches. The possible combinations of shapes, colors, camouflage patterns and accessories are a trademark of Invader Gear. With equipment and clothing from the house of the Austrians, you are guaranteed not to be a clone warrior on the battlefield, but rather shape your very own style.

    Durable clothing from "univil" to akurat

    When the nation pitches call for CQB, team deathmatch, capture the flag, and story operations this weekend, it's time for you to step into your shoes. The wide range of clothing from Invader Gear enables maximum customization.

    Whether camouflage pants and jackets in the camouflage patterns of many international armies or "univil" combat shirts like the GI Flannel Combat Shirt. Here you have the choice between "mercenary look", regular troopers or special forces. In combination with matching gloves and headgear, from boonies to various caps and balaclavas, you can tinker with every detail of your legend.

    High-quality load bearings for hot battles

    To travel light and still have everything with you? With Invader Gear's load bearings, that's no longer a problem. As genuine experts, those responsible at the Austrians know about the demands made by the various roles on the battlefield, from super-light scouts and tanks to special forces soldiers.

    The basis for the wide arsenal of bags are the vests, chest rigs and, above all, plate carriers, which with their design, low weight and high-quality workmanship can withstand even the heat of battle. Models such as the IG Reaper Plate Carrier or the Invader Gear Reaper QRB Plate Carrier with their numerous attachment loops form the basis for an individual setup.

    It doesn't matter whether it's multiple magazine pouches like the Molle magazine pouch Direct Action Gen 2 in a laser-cut Molle design, a radio pouch or a first aid pack. Even heavily loaded, the plate carriers are still characterized by a high level of carrying comfort. And if you have to, all day long!

    Questions about Invader Gear products? Then let us advise you now

    Would you like to know more about a specific Invader Gear product? Do you have questions about the combination and compatibility of certain Austrian products? Or do you want general advice on putting together your gear for airsoft or paintball? Our weekend warrior experts are happy to help you. Just call us on 04166 / 8993939 or write us your questions to - We're happy to help and look forward to your message!