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    Hammerhead Paintball - Hammerhead precision for weekend warriors

    Have you been roaming the fields of this republic for a while and want to hone your skills? For you, precision is the key to fun and success in the heat of battle? Are you looking for runs and muzzles that offer you exactly that in perfection? Then you are in good hands with Hammerhead Paintball. Click through our high-end Hammerhead range now and get ready for the next level!

    Hammerhead Paintball precision barrels

    Hammerhead is all about precision and accuracy to give you the edge in every game situation. The well-known barrel forge from the USA scores with a comprehensive range of different barrel lengths from the short 6 inch barrel with Cocker thread to the 20 inch barrel with A5 thread.

    It's no wonder that Hammerhead paintball runs are among the most frequently played runners on fields around the world. The absolute top sellers include the Hammerhead OneShot barrel and the Hammerhead Widowmaker barrel in 4.5 inches including muzzle, as well as the 14-inch Battle Stikxx barrel, which thanks to its military style is particularly popular with woodland and scenario players Course stands.

    What else is there from Hammerhead

    Apart from high-end barrels, we also have muzzles from Hammerhead for you in the Weekend Warrior Shop. It doesn't matter whether it's a Hammerhead M50-S Muzzle for 22mm barrel threads in a cool M50 design or a futuristic Hammerhead Battle Stikxx Muzzle. With us you have the choice. The Hammerhead range is rounded off by various barrel adapters such as the Freak 2 model, thanks to which the Hammerhead precision paintball barrels also fit your marker.

    This is what makes the runs of Hammerhead paintball so special

    For snipers and woodland players, Hammerhead's tactical precision barrels have become indispensable. The secret behind the high precision of the barrels are the grooves and fields inside the barrel, which have been developed and fine-tuned over years of meticulous research.

    Due to the acceleration, the balls inside the barrel briefly take on an elongated shape, so that the ingenious moves and fields can set them in rotation in a targeted manner. Thanks to the high number of revolutions at which the balls rotate around each other, they are stabilized in the air. The Hammerhead paintball runs work particularly well with a medium-firm ball or, even better, the high-precision balls from First Strike.

    But that's not all: The high precision allows you to make your marker much shorter without sacrificing the shot pattern. Especially in close combat situations like the CQB, the gained agility can tip the scales.

    About Hammerhead Paintball

    Hammerhead-Paintball is a relatively new player in the ranks of paintball veterans. Nonetheless, in less than a decade, the Vista, California-based company has made a name for itself among weekend warriors around the world.

    The philosophy of the company is clear: You have your finger on the pulse of the players, recognize the problems and develop parts from them in meticulous detail work that make you that decisive percentage better on the field. The goal: to make the most precise paintball barrels on the market for players. The brand is also known as the manufacturer of the Tippmann Straightline Barrel Kit.