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    Tasmanian Tiger - equipment for real woodland predators

    The Tasmanian tiger may be extinct. However, that doesn't mean that the legacy of the legendary hunter is forgotten. With equipment from Tasmanian Tiger, you make the legend of the predator your own and blend into your environment as a weekend warrior in CQB and Woodland battles. Discover the brand's variety of products now and equip your gear with plate carriers, mag pouches, admin pouches and co. that are worthy of a silent hunter.

    The story behind Tasmanian Tiger - Military Equipment since 1980

    Founded in 1980, the company is a premium supplier of military and law enforcement equipment that is valued by recreational warriors as well as police officers, soldiers and security forces. Formerly founded as Mountain Sport GmbH, the company expanded abroad in 1989 with a production facility in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

    From 1999, the Tasmanian Tiger brand was finally launched and in the years that followed developed groundbreaking products such as the first Medic backpack (2003), the Tasmanian Tiger backpack Range Pack Plus (2004), the police deployment bag TT Police Bag (2007) and the TT Plate Carrier (2013). At the same time, the company has always distinguished itself as an innovator on the market.

    TT was the first European company to use the particularly hard-wearing 700d Cordura for its products. The brand now even offers products under the label IRR-Equipment that have a significantly lower reflection in the infrared spectrum. This makes you much more difficult to spot at night, even with night vision goggles.

    What makes the brand so special - fair and transparent production

    A special feature of TT products is the company's own production from A to Z. Starting with the conception and development of prototypes through to production in the production facilities in Vietnam, everything at TT comes from a single source. In addition to checking all work processes from the purchase of materials to the final inspection, the inspection of the entire system according to international standards ensures the highest quality.

    In addition, no product leaves the factory without being checked and the serial number saved in a database. This guarantees quality and maximum transparency. The company is particularly proud of the SA 8000 certified social standard and the fair working conditions in its international production facilities.

    Bags, bags and pouches for every application

    If you are looking for high-quality bags, Tasmanian Tiger has plenty to offer. The range extends from durable magazine pouches such as the TT SGL Mag Pouch MCL LP to multiple magazine pouches such as the TT 3 SGL Mag Pouch BEL MK II to ergonomic radio pouches such as the TT Tac Pouch 3 Radio. There are also a number of other bags and pouches such as first-aid bags, writing bags and the like, which can be easily attached to vests and plate carriers thanks to the Molle system.

    Become a "bag wolf" yourself with plate carriers and backpacks

    The basis for your existence as a real "marsupial" can also be found in the Tasmanian Tiger product range. Whether you choose a plate carrier like the TT Plate Carrier QR LC or a chest rig like the TT Small Combi Rig is up to you. A Tasmanian Tiger backpack offers you even more space for BBs, paintballs and tactical equipment.

    In our range we have TT backpacks in different sizes for every purpose, such as the compact TT Modular Pack 30. But if you need a little more storage space for equipment or trekking trips, we also have products in our TT range like the TT MIL OPS 80+24 exactly what you are looking for. Our range is rounded off by Tasmanian Tiger belts, which are in no way inferior to vests and pouches in terms of quality and functionality.