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    Paintball Mask - Fashion accessory and essential protection for weekend warriors

    A lot can, but a few should, only one thing must always be at the start when it comes to paintball: Nothing works on the field without a paintball mask. A high-quality paintball mask is an indispensable eye and face protection that protects you from injuries from hits. But what makes a good mask? Which one is the right one? And which paintball mask is suitable for people who wear glasses? We'll tell you!

    What makes a good paintball mask?

    The variety of different masks on the market is just as huge as the increasing popularity of paintball sport in all its facets. No wonder you are spoiled for choice between all the different designs and constructions. However, you shouldn't let the look distract you too much when choosing your mask, because as with everything else in life, the paintball mask's inner values ​​are what count most.

    First and foremost is the glass. High-quality masks such as the Dye i4 Thermal Mask score with highly shatterproof thermal glass that does not tend to fog up. In addition, a good paintball mask should be breathable so that you don't sweat too much even in hot battles and always keep a cool head. Reliable ear protection and the lowest possible weight are also ideal for masks on the field.

    At a glance: What should be considered when choosing a paintball mask?

    - Lightest possible weight

    - Sufficiently large field of view

    - Superior thermal glass

    - Adequate protection of the ears

    - Breathable construction

    - Adjustable headband

    - Is it a special paintball mask for people who wear glasses

    Paintball mask for people who wear glasses - which masks are suitable?

    The question of a paintball mask for people who wear glasses is often asked. Some manufacturers have specific masks in their range for this purpose, which you can easily wear with your glasses. Most masks are suitable for use with a mask thanks to their comfortable fit. However, we recommend that you first test each mask extensively with your glasses to avoid painful pressure points from the glasses frame when playing. Contact lenses are also an alternative to the paintball mask for people who wear glasses.

    What are the differences in the masks?

    Paintball masks differ based on two factors aside from appearance. First the design and second the glazing. Inexpensive entry-level masks for those who rarely play paintball have single glazing. Masks with thermal glass like the Push Unite Basic Thermal Mask are double glazed.

    Not only do they offer better protection, they also prevent the visor from fogging up. In addition to these "basic variants" there are also masks with tinted glass. Models with yellow tinted glass, for example, are used by advanced users and professionals in low light conditions to increase contrast. Masks with dark tinted glass, on the other hand, act like sunglasses and are ideal for gameplay in strong sunlight.

    It depends on the design

    As far as the design is concerned, you can choose between narrow masks such as the Push Unite Thermal Mask olive/camo and masks integrated directly into the helmet such as the Valken Annex MI-7 Thermal Mask. The difference is obvious. Masks integrated directly into the helmet protect the head all around, while the narrow masks primarily protect the face and ears from hits.

    While the design and color depend entirely on your taste, you should use a thermally glazed paintball mask even as a beginner. You have questions about a specific paintball mask or would like to know which paintball mask for eyeglass wearers has been shown to be the best is? Then give us a call or sch