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    Cytac - holsters and carrying systems for real weekend warriors

    Long gone are the days when only long guns set the tone in paintball and airsoft sports. Especially when things get tight, the side arm is often the last resort to avoid a hit. A high-quality holster is essential to ensure that the marker can be pulled smoothly.

    So why not resort to material that is also used by the police and military of various nations? Cytac's wide range of products makes this possible. No matter whether leg holster, holster adapter for your plate carrier or holster especially for left-handers. With us, weekend warriors draw from the full.

    Magazine and pistol holster for your sidearm

    In the heat of the moment, a secure seat for the secondary weapon is just as important as being able to draw it within seconds. The custom-fit holsters made of hard plastic make exactly that possible. The Cloud: Compared to other pistol holsters, the Cytac holsters are not only suitable for a few models. According to the manufacturer, the Mega Fit holster is compatible with around 60 common pistol models. This is made possible by the adjustment screws, with which you can adjust the shape and width of the holster.

    And the best: In addition to the classic right-handed holster, we also have a special left-handed holster from the manufacturer in our range. This means that the quick-release button can be reached easily in any situation. The holster range is rounded off by the magazine pouches, which are also suitable for almost all common pistol magazines thanks to the adjustment screws.

    Cytac accessories from the sling to the Molle adapter

    The brand has a comprehensive range of accessories to go with the holsters, giving you maximum freedom when it comes to mounting options on your gear. Would you rather wear your holster as a deep-drawn holster on your leg? No problem, with the Cytac Drop Leg Platform R-Defender for holsters and magazines we have the perfect solution for you.

    Alternatively, you can easily attach your holster to a backpack, belt, chest rig or plate carrier with the appropriate Molle adapter. However, using the side arm only works if you have the slopes free. With a high-quality sling, you can simply let your long gun hang while you take aim at your opponents with the sidearm. Whether Cytac 1 point sling with QD mount or Cytac 2 point sling - you decide!

    About Cytac - Tactical Equipment Made in Shenzhen

    Cytac Technology Limited, founded in 2008 in Shenzhen, China, is the brand popular with paintball and airsoft players around the world. The company is one of the few Chinese companies producing high-quality tactical equipment for police, military and civilian use.

    The company's balance of quality and affordability is what makes their products so popular, especially among weekend warriors in the European market. At the same time, the brand is asserting itself in a growing market through continuous work on the technical standards used.

    Questions about Cytac? - We're here to help!

    Which holster suits me? Which is better, a leg or belt holster? Are Cytac holsters compatible with my sidearm? Our Weekend Warrior experts will be happy to answer these and many other questions. Just call us on 04166/8993939 or email us your questions to We are at your side with advice and action on the Cytac products we carry.