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    First Strike - markers and legendary paints for paintball professionals

    Are you looking for something special? Your mission is precision and fire superiority on the field? Then First Strike is your brand for exclusive paints that not only fly further, but also hit more precisely. No matter whether pink or blue - with us you can cover yourself with high-end balls at a reasonable price. You still need the right marker? No problem. In our range you will find several handguns and long guns along with the right spare parts for your paintball loadout.

    First Strike Paints - The game changer with military roots

    In paintball there are good balls and less good balls. First Strike Paints are real exotics even among premium paintballs. The special paintballs of the First Strike brand were not originally developed for the civilian sector, but for the military. The company behind it, Tiberium Arms, developed the balls for training purposes in order to train soldiers in training situations as realistically as possible.

    One of the main customers for many years was the US security company Academi, formerly known as Blackwater. Thanks to technological innovations, the First Strike Paints are now also available on civilian paintball fields as a game changer for demanding weekend warriors.

    What makes the First Strike Paints so special

    Even at first glance, it's obvious that the American paintballs don't have much in common with the standard round paintballs. They are semi-circular and have a flattened and reinforced base made of biodegradable plastic. This allows you to be chased out of the muzzle of the marker with a significantly higher pressure. Together with the streamlined shape, this results in a 50 percent higher flight speed and a 100 percent improved range.

    There is also a ribbed rim that spins the projectile and stabilizes it in the air. This makes the First Strike Paintballs, which you can get from us in bundles of 150 or 250 pieces, ideal for snipers and anyone who likes to work at large distances in large scenario matches. In addition to classic color balls, we also carry First Strike Powderballs, which create a small cloud of dust at the point of impact.

    From the magazine to the marker - everything from a single source for hot battles

    If you want to jump into the next battle with First Strike Balls, you also need the right marker. For this purpose, the brand has its own models such as the FS T15 marker, the FS T15 DMR marker Gen. 4 and the FS FSC Compact pistol in its range, which are optimally designed for use with high-end balls but also with all standard balls can be used.

    In addition, you will find various spare and add-on parts in our range for customizing your equipment. Starting with magazines for maximum fun in realistic MilSim scenarios, replacement springs, sling mount plates and various handguards to the full auto kit for the T15 marker, we leave nothing to be desired.

    Can I use First Strike Balls with my marker?

    The special high-end balls cannot be used with classic hoppers. In order to use the balls, a magazine or cartridge case is required, which is inserted into the marker and ensures that the projectiles are fed through cleanly. You can recognize markers that are basically suitable for high-speed paintballs by the designation "Frist Strike Ready".

    You have questions about whether this also applies to your marker? Would you like to know which markers and which accessories you should buy for maximum fun? We are happy to advise you! Just give us a call or email us your question!