Paintball guns - which one is right for you? Walther HDR 50 vs Walther PPQ TE4 M2

You could also call it pistol vs revolver. In any case, today is about a duel between the HDR 50 and the Walther PPQ. Because both are among the most popular sidearms in paintball. We will show you the advantages of each model and try to show which model is better suited for which application. What's your favourite? Feel free to write it in the comments!
Best regards, your weekend warriors 🤠

Product links: Pistols: Walther/Umarex HDR 50 revolver/pistol
👉🏻 revolver-pistol?_pos=1&_sid=f6fd9cc5b&_ss=r

Walther/Umarex PPQ M2 T4E pistol
👉🏻 ?_pos=4&_sid=0f9a18bb8&_ss=r

Holster: Umarex holster for HDR 50 revolver/pistol
👉🏻 pistol- holster?_pos=6&_sid=926fc9103&_ss=r

Walther PPQ M2 Paddle Holster
👉🏻 =f61fcbfc9&_ss=r

Holster Molle Modul/Molle Attachment
👉🏻 29&_sid=3f1e713a0&_ss=r

Walther/Umarex HDR 50 drum magazine 6 rounds 2 pieces.
👉🏻 r

Walther PPQ M2 T4E magazine 8 shots
👉🏻 -shot?_pos=5&_sid=2d8c03c9a&_ss=r

Walther T4E PPQ Emergency Magazine

Ammunition Powder:
Umarex Powderballs cal .50 T4E CB50 250 pieces
👉🏻 -cal-50-250-piece?_pos=4&_sid=8ade53c9c&_ss=r

Umarex Powderballs cal .43 250 pieces
👉🏻 ?_pos=3&_sid=8ade53c9c&_ss=r

Umarex Powderballs cal .43 50 pieces
👉🏻 ?_pos=2&_sid=8ade53c9c&_ss=r

Gumball ammo:

Umarex T4E Rubberball practice balls cal .50 500 pieces
👉🏻übungsballe-cal -50-500-pcs?_pos=7&_sid=236da29a7&_ss=r

Umarex T4E Rubberball exercise balls cal .50 100 pieces
👉🏻übungsballe-cal -50-100-pcs?_pos=4&_sid=236da29a7&_ss=r

Umarex T4E Rubber First Strikes cal .50 50 pieces
👉🏻 strikes-cal-50-50-piece?_pos=3&_sid=236da29a7&_ss=r

Umarex T4E Rubberball practice balls cal .43 500 pieces
👉🏻übungsballe-cal -43-500-pcs?_pos=8&_sid=236da29a7&_ss=r

Umarex T4E Rubberball practice balls cal .43 100 pieces

Ammunition pepperballs:
Umarex T4E Pepperballs cal 50 10 pieces
👉🏻 -cal-50-10-piece?_pos=4&_sid=02832e92e&_ss=r

Umarex T4E Pepper First Strikes cal .50 10 pieces
👉🏻 strikes-cal-50-10-piece?_pos=2&_sid=02832e92e&_ss=r

Umarex T4E Pepperballs cal .43 10 pieces
👉🏻 10 pieces?_pos=5&_sid=02832e92e&_ss=r

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