Store News July 2021


It's time for a shop news video again because we've got some hot goods ready for you again. Next week there will be the SBG video with Nico.

Best regards Henner🤠

Product links in video order:

First Strike Balls cal. 68 150 pieces

First Strike Balls cal .68 600 pieces

First Strike T15 Marker

First Strike T15 DMR Marker

First Strike Scout Sniper Rifle Marker

First Strike FSC Compact Pistol

TCA Stock Tactical Compact Stock

Carmatech Nemesis run incl. Muzzle

Click here for our shop: Hammerhead OneShot barrel

Lapco barrels for T15 players*

M82 Sniper Muzzle*

Noveske Sound Amplifier Muzzle for 22mm front thread thread?_pos=1&_sid=3234a9fb3&_ss=r

M177 Whisper Muzzle Brake for 22mm front thread

TT Multipurpose Sling

First Strike Hero Regulator 300 Bar

Walther PPQ M2 T4E magazine 8 rounds

RAP4 MK23 II Socom silencer for 22mm front thread

First Strike T15 Barrel Adapter

Freak 2 Hammerhead barrel adapter

Walther/Umarex HDR 50 emergency magazine 6 rounds (incl. 3 rubber balls, 3 pepper balls) r

Dye LT Regulator thread protector

TT Small Combi Rig

TT Plate Carrier MKIV





Here is our field in the north: