First Magfed / Paintball Event Tips and Tricks (Henners Gear)


Today I invited my old buddy Nico. Nico used to play tournament paintball with me for years and is now going to a big MagFed paintball event with us for the first time. We'll talk through the necessary paintball equipment and I'll give him a few tips and tricks for big paintball events and what else needs to be considered at Magfed Paintball. Best regards Henner🤠 PS: We've been working on our sound, but the humming in the background is our Siggi, who swung the leaf blower again to clean the fields. Something is always 8 A Pair

Links to the products: Mechanix M-Pact Gloves

Mechanix The Original Gloves

Combat Uniform Gen. 2 Pants + Combat Shirt

Dye Performance knee pads

Weekend Warrior Trucker Cap

TT Plate Carrier MKIV

TT SGL Flashbang Pouch

Dye I4 Thermal Mask DYECAM

First Strike T15 Marker

Tippmann TMC Magazine

Walther/Umarex PPQ M2 T4E pistol

Red Dot Reflex Sights*

Padded marker bag 90 cm

UTG 20 MOA Angled Super Slim Riser 13 Slot

TSP Drop Down ASA "Omni"

TSP Drop Down ASA "The Slim" for First Strike T15

Padded 2 point sling

Pushbutton QD single

Exalt BarrelMaid Barrel Cleaner

First Strike Balls cal. 68 150 pieces


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